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When you choose CMU Maverick Rentals, your child will receive the best housing experience through a property management company that is committed to providing a cost-effective and conveniently located environment that is conducive to achieving academic success. The CMU Maverick Rentals properties are just one to two blocks from the CMU campus making it an easy walk to class. Each property boasts 24/7 access with individually assigned electronic access codes, individually locking bedroom doors and state-of-the-art fire suppression systems that provide our residents with peace of mind.

At CMU Maverick Rentals Maverick Rentals,  we understand that as a parent you want the best for your child. We also fully understand and recognize that a productive college experience can establish the groundwork for lifelong success. Where your child lives while attending school directly affects that success. CMU Maverick Rentals strives to accomplish its mission in providing the best living experience for its residents, which in turn contributes to enabling the success of your child as a student. From a housing cost standpoint, our residents benefit from a range of advantages provided by living in the CMU Maverick Rentals managed properties. These advantages range from reduced utility costs by living in modern apartments designed for energy efficiency and equipped with the latest Energy Star rated appliances to alleviating the need to bring a vehicle to Grand Junction, because of the properties’ proximity to the CMU campus and major transit corridors. The convenient, cost-effective living experience provided by CMUMR is simply unmatched.


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